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Nelson Stills specializes in Dramatic Photography. My finished products will turn heads and can comfortably sit on your wall as a legitimate piece of fine art. I’ve always shied from the traditional portrait. I refuse to produce work that can easily be walked by, or is best served in a 3X5 photo frame. Every project I work on should be attention catching.


I don’t shoot “normal” photography. If you are looking for a traditional family photograph or traditional portraits I can recommend some photographers for your shoot that I hold in very high regard. They will undoubtedly get you those pictures you are after.


The photos I create are much more dramatic, and far less subtle. Each shot for a client is highly unique, and guaranteed to be the best photos they have had commissioned. Period.


The pictures I offer as a finished product are in no uncertain terms stunning. I guarantee it (yes, I realize this is a large order to fill-that’s why I guarantee you’ll feel the same).


Prior to a shoot I will talk to you (or the subject or subjects) and see what drives you (or him or her). I will see what your interests are, what things you like. What you find appealing. I use this information to form an idea for the nuances of the shoot. If you have a location in mind, we can use it! And I will draw out the beauty and emotion of that place in your picture. I have always hated seeing a photograph of something I saw that doesn’t capture the real emotion I felt when I saw it firsthand. That is why I have cornered a very visceral look in my work; to capture emotion though photographic art.

I offer portraits of all types, and can work with you creatively and personally to either achieve your goals or come up with a spectacularly unique and beautiful photograph.

I specialize in individual portraits and landscape, with a hard specialization in combination shoots. Please view my work for a good idea of what style I shoot in.


I also offer a select number of my prints for sale. If you have ANY questions about my art, please don’t hesitate to ask. Although I have selected some of what I consider to be my best work, I welcome inquiries about other pieces not listed in the “for purchase” gallery. A few can be purchased that are outside that gallery.


After a shoot I will provide the client with 3-5 finished pictures. In contrast to photographers who give you dozens or even hundreds of images, this might seem peculiar. I pick only the absolute best pictures and spend many hours on each and every one of those photos to ensure it is the absolute best finished product. Satisfaction is literally guaranteed.


If you have any questions, comments, or just want to talk photography and concepts, shoot me an email.



Garrett Nelson

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